Glimpses of Jim Sedell

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James R. Sedell


A conversation in the trees
In 2002, canopy scientist Steve Sillett took Jim Sedell, Fred Swanson, Thomas Dunklin, and Michael Furniss up to a platform at 55 meters in the canopy of a large PSME in the Mack Creek watershed on the Andrews for a conversation. Here is an edited version, featuring the remarkable insights of the timeless Dr. Jim Sedell.

 Reunions of the River Continuum Crew at NABS 2002 and in Berkeley 2005. Berkeley session organized by Vince Resh.

Karen Bennett interviews Jim at the HJ Andrews Ideas Jam:
“Exploring the Meaning of Watershed Health” in October, 2006

Jim being interviewed at Mount St. Helens at the
“Geographies of Destruction and Hope” event, July 2005

Jim Sedell interview at the
“New Metaphors of Restoration” ideas jam at the HJ Andrews, 2001

Jim Sedell’s testimony at the 1993 Forest Conference

Excerpts from the Tree Planting Ceremony at Jim’s Memorial at the World Forestry Center

Jim and the River Continuum work

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Jim Sedell River Continuum

Jim and fellow scientists during the River Continuum Investigations
















More Jim Sedell … 

Another snapshot of Jim’s adventures













Jim commissioned and produced this short rhapsody on water and watersheds during the time he created and oversaw the “Large Watershed Restoration” work across the National Forests